If you use a script-driven app on your site and all the content that you make is saved in a database, your web hosting plan has to feature enough database storage, to make sure that even when the website grows, you will not experience any type of troubles due to the shortage of storage space. PostgreSQL is a great example of a well-liked database administration system that's used with plenty of scalable web apps and in case you'd like to have high-end performance and stability for your website, it is likely that you'll use this solution. That being said, you need a website hosting plan that will not bound your web presence, particularly if you wish to operate multiple websites and each of them functions with PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Web Hosting

All our shared web hosting plans were designed with the notion to provide you with the option to pick the most suitable features based on the type of sites you'd like to host. If you do not need PostgreSQL databases, for example, you can select a plan that doesn't contain this system by default. Should you change your opinion subsequently or in case you need PostgreSQL from the start, you can pick one of the plans that feature PostgreSQL support. All of the plans provide sufficient storage dedicated to your databases, therefore even if your websites expand, you won't encounter any problems, since some plans come even with unlimited space. For the lower-end plans, the PostgreSQL storage will be upgraded with a couple of clicks through the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.